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Great Mondays Are Rare

Well, obviously, there’s a rapist in Lincoln park….


Right from the beginning of the day of June 11, 2012, our news meeting went dandy. Then the broadcasting went straight to their class at 316 and digital went to…. went to….somewhere. There are 3 reasons why this Monday has been more memorable than most: First: I ate a banana for breakfast… PSYCH! The very first thing is that the fake rivalry between me and Hannah got heated up and I personally like these relationships cause I haven’t had a friend like that in 3 years. Second, Working on the packages was actually much more fun than being stressed about deadline. Frank and I were having fun with what we were doing that we finished on time. I also had to help Fabian out because he’s too dang SLOW but I didn’t have trouble working with this Argentina meat. Third is pretty much the food. They may have not cooked bacon that day but the meal was super .
Oh we’re working on a music video for “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction

K bye

And We’re back and The Paquiao-Bradley quick rant

Returning to the Taylor Place brings me joy and stress. Knowing I’m away from housework just helps me stay calm, but all these busy days coming up will probably make me fall apart.

I didn’t do anything else over the weekend but get as much sleep as I can. ( and do some house chores -__-) I don’t even remember my weekend cause of how lame it was { besides the fact that I got to see my parents and best friend} OH WAIT I did do something…. I watched the Paquiao-Bradley fight

I know a lot of people have already complained about the results of this fight but let me just rant a little….: WHAT IN THE NAME OF FUHQJ
DFBAWEHFIULAHFUOHAWEFLIAWHEFLAHEFJIBASDFLIJABERFCS SBIWUDGFWEIFWROWUHT. HOW DID THIS GUY SUDDENLY WIN?!?!? *cough* *cough* BRIBERY!!!! Someone got paid some serious cash cause it was too obvious that he couldn’t have won. I also noticed that Bradley had no special slo-mo punch shot while Paquiao had like 34 (jk like 4)

k bye.


Tis being the first blog, I will be very casual throughout this whole blog. Feel free to ignore the side stories.

Frank Smith, Joe Jaquez, and I (with the help of a former Cronkite Student, Desiree) walked over to the Wells Fargo Building a couple blocks away from the Cronkite Building.

(Side Story: Joe Jaquez was being a total pansy. So, we were required to bring 3 pieces of equipment ; camera bag, tripod, and lighting equipment which is the heaviest. I was holding the camera bag, Frank carrying the tripod and Joe carrying the lighting equip. Joe holds the lighting equipment from the 660 room to the elevator and already mentions how heavy it was. We’ve just travelled half a block and joe tells me to switch with him. So the rest of the way, people are looking and wondering why is this man just dragging this camera bag while this tiny little asian is carrying the cello.-___- but in the end Joe’s still cool.

We arrive at the 19th floor and it happens to have those fancy schmancy monitors outside the door to communicate with the people outside. He had a really nice waiting so I already had a feeling his office would be much more elegant. Frank and Joe practice their questions and I’m guessing it’s his assistant who guided us to his office.

Joe came in with a nice suit and tie with a little gun pin clipped to it. He seemed very confused because he was expecting channel 3 to interview him (guess who came in first?)

Before we interviewed him, he told the guys not to mention about the people he’s going against with. The interview went smoothly because he had a mix of short and long answers.

Getting B-Roll was fun because he had a bunch of stuff in his office. It was pretty much everywhere. Visualize that one episode of Spongebob Squarepants where Patrick and Spongebob had to paint Mr.Krabs house without getting paint on the stuff on his wall. Remember all that random stuff on his wall? We also got B-roll and interview from the guy in the street protesting. For a protester, he was a very peaceful man and avoided aggressive comments. He also had a lot of signs that say negative stuff about Arpaio. But hey! They were colorful and creative:)

On our way back?
Let’s just say I came back leaking. :/